BIOCREAT, Sugar free creatine. Increase strength and muscle mass.

  • Clinically researched, University tested
  • Significantly increases strength and muscle mass!
  • No sugar, no loading, no crash!
  • Evaluated head-to-head vs. creatine + 75g of sugar
  • All the benefits of creatine supplementation without the Sugar!
  • Clinically Researched, University Tested
  • Standardized Ingredients
  • No Sugar, no Loading, No Crash!
  • Stackable
  • Significantly increases explosive strength and muscle hardness
  • Outperformed Traditional Creatine Dosing (Creatine + Sugar) after 4 weeks
  • Clinically proven to increase lean mass by 350%
  • Increases strength 100% over placebo
  • Accurate Creatine Dosing

Introducing BIOCREAT™, the greatest innovation to creatine supplementation that will change the face of the Industry for years to come! BIOCREAT™ is the Industry’s ‘First Extreme Performance Anabolic Creatine Delivery System’ with clinically researched results! BIOCREAT™ is a highly standardized ingredient using a patented process that enhances the delivery and transport of creatine into the muscle without the need of carbohydrates.

To develop the most advanced zero-sugar musclebuilding creatine formula, we have spent years studying the physiological mechanics of muscle growth and what it takes to create the optimal anabolic environment for creatine. After carefully analyzing the research and countless hours perfecting prototype formulas, the perfect supplement was created! We had the foresight to apply cutting edge creatine delivery technology with the exclusive ingredient BIOCREAT™, to maximize creatine absorption without the need of sugar. So confident in our product we commissioned a clinical study putting it head-to-head with creatine + 75 grams of carbohydrates and a control group of 75 grams of carbohydrates.

Results from the study were outstanding! Not only did BIOCREAT™ perform like creatine + 75 grams carbohydrates significantly increasing lean body mass 3.5 times and improving bench press 1 RM 100% over the control group, it lead to a 375% greater increase in peak power over the creatine + 75 grams carbohydrates in only 4 weeks!

Backed by scientific research, BIOCREAT™ has taken a quantum leap in creatine dosing. Never be left second guessing whether the carbohydrates in your current creatine product are hindering your progress. Imagine all the benefits of creatine without having to ingest large amounts of sugar. Any bodybuilder or athlete that takes it can rest assured they will experience explosive gains in size and strength! BIOCREAT™ without question represents the new pinnacle in muscle building, performance and sports supplementation technology.

Published Clinical Study
Lewing M, Pena E, Poole C, Dufour F, Consancio E, Jacobson H, Dugan K, Jones T, Ervin N, Foster C, Kreider R,Taylor L, Wilborn C. (2009). Effects of BIOCREAT Supplementation on Strength and Body Composition During an 8-week Resistance Training Program. JISSN. 6(Suppl 1):P11

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