HYPEROX, Increase muscle growth. Gain more muscle faster.

  • Never before seen ingredient in the N.O. category
  • Extends nitric oxide signaling for enhanced muscle pumps
  • Designed to accelerate nutrient delivery for increased muscle growth
  • Explosive Pre-Workout Nitric Oxide Ingredient
  • Extended and prolonged muscle pumps
  • Standardized ingredient for accurate dosing
  • Novel mechanism for increasing NO signaling (PDE5 Inhibitor)
  • Natural Ingredient
  • Only needs to be taken on training days!
  • Amplifies NO-signaled vasodilation
  • Feel it after the very first dose!
  • Designed to accelerate nutrient delivery for increased muscle growth
  • Stackable

HYPEROX™ is an innovative, standardized ingredient that extends and prolongs nitric oxide-(NO) associated pumps allowing the user to experience the most potent and extended pumps ever thought possible! With literally hundreds of NO products on the market promising various physique and performance enhancing benefits, figuring out which one to take can be a daunting task. At last, there is an end to deciphering long lists of ingredients claiming to fuel muscle-building pumps. It’s called HYPEROX™ and this potent new ingredient can prolong the NO signal. This cutting edge compound forces stronger, longer, and more effective pumps than any other before it!

Regular arginine driven NO products are hit and miss – sometimes you experience a great pump, and other times, nothing at all. Each product essentially uses the same mechanism: the arginine-NO pathway. This pathway, however, is limited by a destructive enzyme known as PDE5, which acts to slow the biochemical process that could lead to a more powerful muscle pump. HYPEROX™ has been shown to blunt the effects of PDE5, forcing a rapid influx of blood into your muscles. With virtually unlimited blood flow to your muscles you not only experience a more commanding, extended pump, but also an accelerated increase in crucial muscle-building nutrients and oxygen, further boosting the anabolic process for superior gains in muscle size and strength.

Don’t be trapped with putting out another NO product that combines arginine with citrulline, or includes minuscule amounts of ingredients that are thought to increase nitric oxide. Bring some NEW innovation to the NO category, formulate with HYPEROX™.

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