TESTOSURGE, Increase Free Bioavailable testosterone levels with this anti-estrogen supplement.

  • Spikes Testosterone levels!
  • Increases ‘Free Bioavailable’ Testosterone
  • Prevents unwanted side-effects
  • Anti-Estrogen
  • Clinically Proven using Gold Standard Research
  • Published University Study
  • Improves body composition
    (muscle to fat ratio)
  • Increases Testosterone Levels
  • Anti-Estrogen – Protecting Testosterone
  • University Studied using Gold Standard Study design
  • Works synergistically with additional ingredients
  • Guaranteed Potency - Standardized Ingredient
  • Stackable with all product categories
  • Increases Anabolic Hormone Status
  • Increases Free ‘Bioavailable’ Testosterone
  • Increases Total Testosterone
  • Significantly improved body composition after 8 weeks
  • Dual-action protection of testosterone-prevents unwanted side effects

Never before has a more revolutionary all-natural, drug-free, cutting-edge ingredient been developed that has been clinically shown to jack test levels faster than new TESTOSURGE™. Working through multiple physiological pathways, TESTOSURGE™ works to quickly raise and then protect your testosterone levels leading to dramatic changes. No more waiting days, weeks, or even months to crank up your testosterone; now you have the ability in just half a day!

In the first of several clinical studies TESTOSURGE™ was evaluated in a randomized, cross-over, double-blind placebo-controlled study design. Results were astonishing! Total testosterone increased 313% over placebo whereas free ‘unbound’ bioavailable testosterone increased 120% over placebo, in just 10 hours. What is truly outstanding is that these percentages are average increases in all subjects and not just for a couple of extreme cases. Subsequently, in a recent presentation at the prestigious ISSN conference, results of the newest TESTOSURGE™ study showed that body composition significantly improved over 8 weeks of use. Therefore, the acute increases of testosterone seen in a 10 hour period are leading to significant body composition changes when used for 8 weeks.

TESTOSURGE™ offers a researched approach for increasing testosterone levels in trained individuals and the prevention of potential side-effects.

Reach for the fastest testosterone ingredient on the market and formulate with TESTOSURGE™.

Published Clinical Study
Poole et al. (2009). Effects of TESTOSURGE Supplementation on Strength, Body Composition and Hormonal Profiles during an 8-Week Resistance Training Program. JISSN. 6(Suppl 1):P12

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