At CPC Nutrition the objective has always been clear: to offer what no one else has – the very best sports nutrition ingredients and services in the world. Our goal and commitment is deliberate and uncompromising: to provide clinically researched dietary ingredients with real world results! As a speciality ingredient supplier, we take great pride in delivering high quality, innovative, researched, dependable ingredients. Our full range of services includes turn-key solutions to take your idea from concept to retail. Our mission is to become a leading provider of safe, efficacious dietary supplements while providing the services to bring your vision to reality!


Here at CPC Nutrition we know what it takes to develop next generation, industry-shattering, ground-breaking products. We realize that you need to be innovative and stand above the crowd, not in it. That you need to offer products with REAL ingredients, not kitchen sink, ingredient name dropping, pixie-dust products. We understand that over-hyped claims and misleading messages leave many consumers wondering why the products they buy fail to deliver the results they expect. Success depends on your customers’ ability to trust you and that is why you can trust us. At CPC, it is our goal to supply ingredients that are deeply rooted in science. Ingredients that have been clinically researched and tested to be safe and extremely effective. Our ingredients are innovative and unique; they can be stacked together, used individually or added to other ingredients to support your development goals, whatever they may be. By adding just a few of CPC Nutrition’s KEY INGREDIENTS you can launch the world’s next successful brand. Trust in Science and Trust in CPC Nutrition!



Finally… ingredients to feel good about and ingredients to be proud of! Confidence is knowing that by formulating with CPC ingredients, you are adding safe, efficacious ingredients that offer true value to your consumers’. Remember a satisfied customer who sees results is a returning customer! Take the next step: lead your product innovation by formulating with CPC ingredients.