CPC Nutrition does more than just sell you the ingredients; we will work with your development team so that you can develop your marketing materials effortlessly. And with our educational focus we can help teach your sales team, retailers, and eventually your customers the benefits of our ingredients. Our marketing initiatives focus on knowledge of the ingredients and on enhancing your business. 


We have been working globally to build and grow new relationships with manufactures and suppliers of innovative ingredients for an increasing number of health outcomes. Below are just a few examples of what we have been working on:  

Cognitive function (improving memory) 

Cardiovascular Health & Improved Arterial Function (blood pressure, etc.) 

Joint Health (mobility) 

Male Health (prostate, testosterone, reproductive) 

Female Health (reproductive) 

Sports Performance (pre-workout, nitric oxide boosting etc.) 

Neurological Health (nerve function, neurotransmitters)    


Skin Health 

Immune Support 

Blood Glucose Management 

Weight Management 

Vision & Eye Health 


Plus, the option of customized standardized extracts to meet your novel requirements 


Please visit back in the new year to check out our new offerings. We have some amazing ingredient’s that will make your Product Development and Marketing goals easier to achieve. 

We look forward to seeing you in 2024!