CPC Nutrition does more than just sell you the ingredients; we will work with your development team so that you can develop your marketing materials effortlessly. And with our educational focus we can help teach your sales team, retailers, and eventually your customers the benefits of our ingredients. Our marketing initiatives focus on knowledge of the ingredients and on enhancing your business.




Taking your creatine with sugar is a thing of the past! NEW BIOCREAT significantly increases muscle strength and mass.




HYPEROX introduces a revolutionary advancement in nitric oxide giving you enhanced muscle pumps for increased muscle gains.




 Shed weight faster! Lose up to 4.75X more fat in only 8 weeks, increase muscle by 388% and while staying lean with TORABOLIC!




TESTOSURGE, the fastest anti-estrogen testosterone amplifier! Benefit from an increase in free bioavailable testosterone.


Quality Ingredients


CPC Nutrition Represents Quality! Our botanically active ingredients are subject to the highest level of assay analysis and backed by toxicology, pre-clinical and clinical research. CPC ingredients are manufactured in facilities which are ISO9001 certified and cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant. All of our ingredients are stored under strict GMP conditions. Our Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs Departments ensure that all of our ingredients are thoroughly tested for identity, purity and microbial content before they are released from our plant. Each ingredient is measured for active markers and assayed by validated HPLC techniques. Every lot produced is tested for purity and potency ensuring consistent quality each time. We also test for stability to ensure that all of our ingredients are effective until past their expiry date. CPC utilizes the highest level of self-monitoring and ethical practices to ensure that your customers are getting the highest quality ingredients that are both safe and effective.