vision statement

As the demand for industry-shaking products continually grows, you owe it to your organization, your investors and especially your consumers’ continuous product innovation.


In today’s evolving market, successful brands require more than flashy packaging, sexy girls and athlete endorsements to sell products. It depends on your customers’ ability to trust you and your ability to trust us. We make every effort to anticipate the ever-changing needs of the customer and meet the demands of a dynamic market with innovative ingredients, unsurpassed efficacy and unrivalled service. 


Our mission is to become the world’s leading provider of safe, efficacious dietary supplements while providing the services to bring your vision to reality!


As a supplier, we take great pride in delivering high quality, innovative, dependable and researched ingredients, to support the growing need for new product innovation. With ingredients backed with real, unbiased scientific research, CPC strives to set a new benchmark for both efficacy and responsibility in an ever-changing regulatory environment. Our ingredients will help drive your product development, creating brand awareness and increasing sales above expectation. We will continue to remove the guesswork from buying supplements so that your consumer gets it right the first time and every time!

Our growing platform of scientifically advanced ingredients, partnerships with research organizations and industry professionals, provide CPC with unique insights into emerging trends and opportunities within the industry that ensures we remain a thriving service innovator for years to come. Our services are guaranteed to reach your target audience and give your company a strong presence in this competitive industry.  We provide added value to your customers and investors, beyond what is expected.


It is the shear raw power of originality born of great science and proven experience that will build CPC Nutrition into the trusted company of the future! Allow us to become your undisputed partner in helping to achieve the success you deserve! Let us show you how to leverage research concepts and technology to achieve your marketing, branding and sales objectives. 

Trust in Science and Trust in CPC!

We will always be here to support you.